Top Definition
This term is used by American mafia members to describe the occupation of being a hitman.
A friend of ours is having a little trouble with a wannabe shylock from Philly. I spoke with Angelo, and he gave me permission to find someone who knows how to paint houses.
by HisDudenessElDude November 28, 2019

adjective; crazy or unreal
The idea that a person born today could be in the Cold War is whack.
by co.lilyyyyyyyyyyy December 13, 2017

the combo of a white and black person.
what race are you?
"I'm whack"
by 7亿彩票注册地址 Money July 19, 2017

the act of being whack
girl 1: she's a thot
girl 2: no shes a nativeson
by chodemalone August 28, 2019

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