Top Definition
Transgender ancestors
I call upon my transestors for guidance.
by Rosinwarrior February 21, 2019

someone who believes that there zodiac sign does not correlate with their personality
Mom. I have something to tell you I’m a transzodiac. I don’t really relate to Capricorn I’m more of an Aries.
by Checheck12 March 13, 2019

Oliver but sex changed.
Cloughie: How's Oliver?
Tom: I think he's Olivia now.
by Don't use your real nmae July 21, 2018

Another way to address a TERF, Feminist Appropriating Radical Transphobe
Friend 1: This woman accepts all LGBQ+ people, but not T(rans).
Friend 2: lmao she is one of those FARTs.
by Potentially Trans November 10, 2018

Someone who is ignorant of trans topics and making decisions based off of those false assumptions
This person is being transignorant by saying they wouldn't have sex with a trans person.
by Sandrock323 February 18, 2019

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