Mar 4
Worst Of All Time. Opposite of Goat meaning Greatest Of All Time
Dude, that party last night was so woat, the kegs were tapped after an hour
by Jlen76 March 29, 2009
Mar 3
ate thatunknown
did a great job; pulled it off well; had a lot of success with something. Used by teens in the projects of Queens, NY, and probably elsewhere in NYC.
You walk in with a new outfit and your friend says, "Damn, girl, you ate dat!" or, you get a 100% on a test and you say, "I ate that!"
#ate#that#dat#ate dat#ate that
by Cazza759 July 11, 2008
Mar 2
on the bladework
A place or places where sex workers do business; in the business of sex work.
I would rather be on the blade than exploited in a minimum wage job.
by El Biffo February 22, 2017
Mar 1
The action done by a bro when putting off work.
Bro #1: Dude did you do the History Summary Brah?

Bro #2: Nah man I was chillin, watched White Castle while jerking off and playing few pong rounds.

Bro #3: You are the Brocrastinate Master
by IBrock February 23, 2011
Feb 29
ground harnessunknown
The device used by Australians to prevent them from falling into the sun.
Ausie 1: Hey mate, your ground harness is getting loose
Asuie 2: Thanks mate, would have fallen into the sun without that
by @heavily_sinful May 03, 2018
Feb 28
Essentially internet horror stories or a myth passed around other sites, to frighten readers and viewers. The word, "Creepypasta" comes from the term, " copypasta ". An internet slang term for a block of text that gets copied and pasted from website to website. Creepypastas are sometimes are supplemented with pictures, audio or video footage related to the story. Typically with gory, distorted or, otherwise, shocking content.
Suicidemouse.avi was the grandfather of all lost episodes. It showed Mickey Mouse walking down a endless street with random piano keys playing in the background. The video gets more distorted and music turns static. See for yourself.

Also, Sonic.exe is a very well known Creepypasta. There is even a clone of the game to download. Although it's it well done, the clone will never have the same fear factor as the story did.

Lastly, Slender Man was introduced in 2009 in the Something Awful forums. Slender Man was not well know untill 2012 when Mark Hadley released, "Slender:The Eight Pages".
by DiddleMcGibberson March 22, 2014
Feb 27
speaking cursiveunknown
when someone is so drunk and slurring their words, that if you wrote it down it wouldn't be in print it would be in cursive writing.
Last night Joe was so drunk, i couldn't understand him. It was like he was speaking cursive.
#speaking weedeater#slurring your words#drunk talk#speaking clearly#articulating
by danceteach February 11, 2010
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